About Us


AquaEuroUSA is a wholesale ONLY distributor with the highest standards of product innovation and development; offering high quality aquarium tanks, aquarium chillers, saltwater and freshwater pumps, protein skimmer etc.  With Hamilton Technology Corporation a dominant force in the aquarium industry for over 27 years – the leading manufacturer of high quality aquarium lighting; Metal Halide, T5 High Output (HO) Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent and LED lighting available.

Our mission is to offer our clients the widest selection of ‘state of the art’ aquarium products and aquarium supplies that meet our highest standards of quality, innovation and value. We strive to anticipate, understand, meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations while delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.

AquaEuroUSA and Hamilton share the same vision – simplifying the aquarium product experience for our clients. We value our customers tremendously. We take our business seriously and we strive to be your number one source for your aquarium needs.

Order with confidence from AquaEuroUSA and Hamilton and always receive quality products backed by great customer service.

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