Bimini Sun System

Bimini Sun System
Bimini Sun System Bimini Sun System Bimini Sun System Bimini Sun System Bimini Sun System Bimini Sun System
Brand: Hamilton Technology
Product Code: AETM150
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Bimini SunTM Series

Compact HQI Metal Halide System

Don't limit what you can keep in your tank: Brightest Metal Halide Lighting allows you to keep hard and soft coral, brings out the brilliant fluorescence in fish and coral

  • Superior craftsmanship, extruded aluminum rust-proof housing dissipates heat resulting in longer bulb life
  • Compact European design, super low profile - powder coated black finish
  • Durable German hammertone, mirror finish, corrosion proof anodized aluminum reflector intensifies Metal Halide output - reduces 'hot spots'
  • Light visors direct light downward toward tank - prevents side light loss into room and shields bright light from eyes
  • Remote, high performance HQl Metal Halide ballast
  • Tempered glass 'splash guard safety shield' protects Metal Halide bulbs
  • Mount to aquarium with adjustable brackets or hang above aquarium with optional adjustable cable system
  • Includes: Fixture, Magnetic Ballast, Bulb & Hanging Kit
MH Bulb Color Options 10K, 14K & 20K
Dimensions Fixture: 12"L x 10.5"W x 2.5"H
Wattage 150w or 250w
Rated Voltage 120v

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