250 Watt 20,000K Double Ended HQI Bulb

250 Watt 20,000K Double Ended HQI Bulb
Brand: Hamilton Technology
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Metal Halide the Best Lighting for Your Aquarium

20 years of U.S. and German engineering, technology and testing give you the quality you demand

  • Hamilton Technology’s Metal Halide full spectrum lights are recommended by experts as ideal for proper growth and development of coral, anemones and invertebrates
  • Supplies the most concentrated light intensity, color spectrum and wavelength essential for photosynthesis and coral health
  • Vivid, sparkling and natural looking light enhances the look of your tank inhabitants
  • Powerful enough to reach the lower depths of your aquarium with the same intensity and spectrum as natural sunlight
  • Proper spectrum, cool stability and light output essential for the health of your aquarium

Hamilton's wide range of Metal Halide lighting choices satisfy the needs of light dependent coral, anemones, invertebrates and plants

True 20,000K™

Ideal Choice for Deeper Marine Life

  • Emits a Vibrant, Deep Actinic Blue Light with high spikes in the 420nm range
  • Simulates sunlight at ocean depths of 12-25 ft
  • Promotes the development of photosynthetic plants, anemones and coral
  • Intensifies the natural fluorescence in fish, coral and marine life

Suggested Metal Halide Wattage Guide: 250w for tank depth of 24"- 48" 

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